14-16 JUNE 2019
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Picture of Monica Dinculescu


Monica works on Magenta, in Google Brain, where she makes generative music and art with Machine Learning. In the past she's worked on Polymer, web components, and Chrome, and has probably at least once broken the Internet for you. She is unreasonably excited about emoji, wary of web fonts, and will become your best friend if you bring her cheese. On second thought, she may be a mouse.

Picture of Evan You


Evan is an independent open source developer. He created Vue.js, a popular frontend framework and now works on it full-time. Before going full-time open source, Evan worked as a core dev at Meteor, and before that as a creative technologist at Google Creative Lab.

Picture of Laurie Voss


Laurie has been a web developer for 23 years and is passionate about making the web better and web development more accessible to everybody. He is co-founder and Chief Data Officer at npm, Inc., provider of package management and security services to the JavaScript developers of the world.

Picture of Keerthana Krishnan


Keerthana is a software engineer living in the sunny town of Cochin, India where she works as a full stack web developer. She is passionate about building the best websites she can and made her conference stage debug at Node + JS Interactive 2018.

Picture of Mandy Michael


Mandy’s passion is CSS, HTML and JS, she has a particular interest in web typography, accessibility and modern layouts, and hopes to inspire that passion in others. With the aim to create a community of web developers who can share, mentor, learn and grow together she is a co-organiser and Director of Mixin Conf, the founder and co-organiser of Perth’s front-end developer meetup Fenders and currently works as a Development Manager at Seven West Media in Western Australia.

Picture of Ujjwal Sharma


Ujjwal is a Node.js core collaborator, Electron maintainer, Google Summer of Code mentor and ex-student. An international speaker and a JavaScript/C++ developer, he has been working with the V8 team and the TC39 committee to help make JavaScript better, one commit at a time. He loves to talk about open source software, DevOps, JavaScript, Web Standards and the Open Web.

Picture of Thai Pangsakulyanont


Thai is a front-end architect at Taskworld. He’s interested in the ways of building better software, and helps organizing various tech events in Bangkok. He likes to code and make music for fun. He also develops an open-source web-based rythm game in his free time.

Picture of Léonie Watson


Léonie is Director of TetraLogical; a member of the W3C Advisory Board; co-Chair of the W3C Web Platform Working Group; and a member of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Advisory Committee. Amongst other things, Léonie is co-organiser of the Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) conference; co-author of the Inclusive Design Principles; and mentor to young people interested in the fields of accessibility and inclusive design.

Picture of Asim Hussain


Asim is a developer, trainer, author and speaker with over 18 years experience working for organisations such as the European Space Agency, Google and now Microsoft, where he is leading Developer Advocacy for EMEA.

Picture of Zain Fathoni


Zain is an Indonesian developer working at Ninja Van as a Senior Software Engineer to help reshape its user-facing products to be more reliable and user-friendly. His passion in JavaScript drove him to spend his spare time learning it to switch from Backend Development to Frontend Development. He also enjoys playing musical instruments and hanging out with his family.

Picture of Eytan Manor


Eytan is a JavaScript artist who codes for fun. Originally comes from the land of the Promise(), but has been traveling the world to discover its deepest secrets. Despite NPM goodies being his favorite treat, he consumes vanilla JavaScript the most, because less is more. His hobbies are eating, sleeping; and open-source... He loves open-source.

Picture of Thong Yong Jun

Yong Jun

Yong Jun produces data stories and interactive graphics for SPH Straits Times as a Senior Web Developer. An early adopter of VueJS, he thinks Vue is the best thing to have come to the Javascript world since ES6. The popular GovTech visualization project SchoolPicker.sg was created by him using VueJS. He enjoys writing code and teaching people the art of code writing.

Picture of Shawn Wang


Originally from Singapore, swyx is an Infinite Builder working on Developer Experience at Netlify. In his free time he helps people Learn in Public at Egghead.io and /r/reactjs.

Picture of Ken Huh


Ken is a software engineer, passionate mathematician, and technical instructor currently based in Korea. After years as a software engineer in the United States, he is working at a JS Coding Bootcamp in Korea, React, Node.js, and anything needed to become a web developer. He finds great value sharing knowledge with people, helping them grow, and learning from them.

Picture of Leonardo Losoviz


Leonardo Losoviz is an independent open source developer, creator of a framework for building modular websites called PoP. The only non-musician in his family, this doesn't bother him, because coding is also making art. He lives in a loop: he dreams of code and, when he wakes up, he codes his dreams.

Picture of Meggan Turner


Meggan is a Software Engineer at Jaxsta, a music startup dedicated to providing credit where credit is due. At Jaxsta, she writes code for the front-end platform, tinkers with databases & derails conversations with random music trivia (mostly about Beyoncé). When she's not coding you can find her rock climbing, swimming with sharks, or doing something else that makes her parents nervous.

Picture of Tamas Piros


Tamas is an experienced developer evangelist and technical instructor. He has more than a decade of experience working with large, prestigious organisations and throughout his career, he has delivered training classes all over the world to both technical and non-technical audiences.

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